Jobs are a major part of both Miitopia and Miitopia 2. They help define the final stat bases for the characters and each have different styles of play to bring to battle. Each Job is classed into a single class, and no Job shares any skills with one in a different class, but may share skills with a job in the same class. For instance, both mage and sage jobs have Fire, but the Warrior does not. You can also buy up the highest version of any skill the job in use has unlocked already, however are expensive.

Also note that each job has variations, which can be changed into without the loss of level or start from the basic weapons. However, these cost a LOT of money, and it increases each time you buy one. However, an upside to this is that variations bought carry over all your Miis.

Jobs also each have a special minigame-style situation (only activates with a small chance when a specific event happens, like when an enemy uses a magic projectile attack, or there is only the one Mii and more than 2 enemies), as well as there being 'job team-ups', like an Elf and Dwarf.

Starting (3 per Class) Unlockable (5 per Class) Secret (1 Per Class)

Class Starting Jobs Variations Unlockable Jobs Variations Secret Jobs Variations
Melee Knight
Warrior Fencer


Spearman Dragoon
Defender Samurai Ronin Dwarf Hammer Dwarf
Magic Elementalist
Mage Summoner Tamer
Sage Vampire
Music DJ
Pop Star Rock Star Dancer
Guitarist Bass Guitarist Trumpeter
Drummer Violinist
Thief Bandit


Ninja Kitsune
Science Gunslinger Magislinger


Chef Soldier Sniper
Scientist Cyborg
Fairy Tale
Princess Warrior Princess
Flower Elf Wood Elf

Dark Elf