One of the new features in Miitopia 2 is Elemental Skills. These can be used instead of standard skills, and depend on the Mii's Element. A Mii is assigned an element based on their colour, which is why 30 new colours have been added to the favourite colours screen. A Mii can also at certain points start training a 2nd, and then 3rd and final, Elements to use in battle.

Elemental skills are unlocked at the first major boss of the game, [TBC]. However, not all skills have an elemental counterpart, and skills such as Fire and Lightning are already Elemental. If an Elemental Skill for a skill already with an Element while using the same Element as the base skill, it will become the next tier up. For Example, If the Fire Elemental Skill of Fire is used, it would be Mega Fire. If Mega Fire, Tower of Flames, and if Tower of Flames or any of the highest tier of naturally learnt Elemental Skills, it would become Pure Fire (in this example)

Each Element also has it's own pool of Skills which are not free to learn, each requiring a sizable amount of gold which increases when you by one of the same Element.

All 42 of the Elements, if chosen as the favourite colour, affects the stats of a Mii, and can be classed within 6 groups of 7: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light and Dark. Each Element also has several names (Normal can also be called Order, for example), but the names in the table are (or would be if this game existed) the names used in the code..

Group Element 1 Element 2 Element 3 Element 4 Element 5 Element 6 Element 7
Fire Fire Fighting Dragon Steel Nuclear Tech Blood
Water Water Poison Ice Sound Cosmic Crystal Rubber
Earth Grass Bug Rock Ground Food Paper Plastic
Air Flying Electric Psychic Fairy Mystic Magic Blank
Light Normal Light Holy Life Space Time Love
Dark Ghost Dark Chaos Death Unknown Hate Ender